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We, as individuals, derive a great deal of lessons and insights from arenas beyond our professional or business inclinations. These could be personal experiences such as a journey we took, a person we met, a road trip, an accident, a loss, heart breaks etc. There are times when I am faced with situations which makes me reflect back at my experiences to help me think through and make sense of it all. One of the many moments and a significant experience in my life was a mountain trek I undertook when I was at school. Little did I know that years later, I would still be guided by the valuable insights it provided me.

Facts: World Population: Approximately 8 billion No of people using the internet: Approximately4.5 billion Mobile Internet users: 4.28 billion Internet penetration in …

The concept of "net-worth" has seen a paradigm shift in that it now had an additional component - "Network". Research shows that effective networking has exponential impact not only to ones career but to their well-being. Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn and various other entrepreneurs and VCs have been very strong advocates of the statement that your "Net-Work is your Net-Worth". In this article we will dive into how our network shapes our competitive advantage

There have been numerous research, insights and perspectives that have been shared on successful leaders. This article will probably some of those points however the perspectives gathered are from the point of view of a direct subordinate.

The Corona Virus has put brakes to our normal lives. The things we once took for granted and felt entitled to have suddenly become novelties. As of September, 10th, 2020, we are close to a million deaths and the virus does not seem to give up. Added to the already precarious conditions, little progress has been made to develop a vaccine that works. The Chinese and the Russians seem to have made some progress but the efficacy of the vaccines are still to be tested.

Working with narcissists is not uncommon and every organization employs them. Surprisingly, as per various research, they are also high performers who consistently deliver. While its difficult to work with them, sometimes it becomes unbearable and a profound air of toxicity prevails damaging not only the ethos of the company but negatively impacting employee well-being and team- spirit.

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