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Why the “Chips” are down in India?

In this article I look at India’s ailing situation, history of chip manufacturing and how the future holds. A brief summary is as follows:
1. India was always in need of a robust semiconductor policy which now seems to be in place
2. The first chip manufacturing facility was set-up in 1984 but a controversial fire brought it down and with that, the hope for India, at least at that time
3. India did woo a lot of companies like AMD around 2007 but the deals fell flat due to policies, infrastructure and utilities gap
4. Now with a budget outlay of $10 billion for setting up semiconductor facilities in India and the promises of deals coming out of the Semicon India 2023 conference, India seems to have taken the right step in this direction.

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The Battle of Chips and Semiconductors

The world of chip manufacturing is exceedingly interesting: One Company, TSMC, produces 90% of the most advanced chips in the world. A Dutch Company, ASML, designs and manufactures one of the greatest and the most complex machines ever conceived by the human mind – The EUV lithography machine priced at USD 200 mil to USD 300 mil per piece. The Asian economies of South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and China are leading the pack in terms of chip manufacturing 4. The US is seen to be lagging behind the chip manufacturing race due to talent shortage 5. India has a long way to go in this field. The first step is to get started.

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E Learning – Market Opportunities, Scope and Growth Drivers

The e-learning space is one of the most exciting segments witnessing unparalled growth. It is estimated that the segment will reach a total size of $365 billion by the year 2026 led by primary markets such as the United States, India and China. From a growth perspective, APAC will be witnessing the highest growth rate largely attributed to China and India while North America will continue have the lions share of 40% of the e-learning market.

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LinkedIn Trends during the Covid Times

The Corona Virus took the world by a storm and since then, the resolution of the virus has only grown stronger. The world, as we know it, was least prepared for such a fate and in many ways have found reasons to live with the deadly virus. The co-habitation intent has been validated by terms such as “The New Normal”, Quarantine, Lock-Down etc. While these terms clearly indicate a new way of living, it also reminds us that we are still not prepared to” get back to normal” .

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