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“For a writer, you definitely do not want to be in the mainstream. You want to be on the edge because that’s where the vantage point is. That’s where you can see”.

– Ruth Ozeki


Smartphone and Social Media Addiction

This article delves into the world of Smartphone and Social Media Addiction. Some of the key findings are : 1. Social Media addiction is for real and yet not yet fully recognized as a Health Hazard 2. The Dopamine hits that we get from constant scrolling is a reward mechanism and a prime reason for getting us hooked 3. The Invention of the "Infinite Scroll", the feature that supports endless scrolling, is seen to be one of the prime factors of this addiction 4. Teens are the most vulnerable and teen deaths have been reported arising out of feeling of inadequacy from excessive social media usage 5. Parents and Adults are equally hooked 6. Social Media and Smartphone Usage while driving is slowly becoming a standard reason for car accidents and casualties.

Product Management & Customer Success - The New Value Creation Team

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The age-old partnership between sales and marketing has always been a strategic priority for business since the age of enterprise. In the SaaS world, where product is the king, the close collaboration between product management and customer success management has rapidly garnered strategic priority. With product led sales and customer journey being seen as strategic levers for growth and competitive advantage, how these functions need to collaborate is a question on everyone’s minds. While organizations have deployed measures to ensure cohesion between the two functions, there are certain areas of improvement that need to be prioritized. One of the chief road-blocks has been the deployment of seemingly disparate systems within their respective functions that do not allow information exchanges. Read more

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