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30-60-90 days Plan for CSM Leader

The 30-60-90 days plan

The beginning of a new project or a venture requires careful planning and execution. It is often seen that lack of planning is one of the major reasons why such endeavors fail. This failure rate shoots up to 80% when it comes to small businesses hence planning and defining outcomes have become an integral part of success. The 30-60-90 rule is increasingly becoming a part of the hiring process where on one hand, prospective candidates are assessed on their ability to visualize a plan once they come on board and how organizations are equipping themselves to onboard the incumbents once they are hire

Alignment of CS with Org Growth

Aligning Customer Success Scale with Organizational Growth

Customer Success today forms the back- bone of the SaaS enterprise handling around 60 percent to 80 percent of revenues, depending on the growth stage of the firm. It also serves as a vital bridge between the internal functions (product, sales, marketing) and the Customers. For a firm to scale its business and operations, the Customer Success function must lay down processes and drive the required behavior. Since Customer Success is a new-age function and is sometimes seen from the lens of customer service and support, the founders are also primed to see the function from the same view point which can prove detrimental to the firms growth. Hence, the role of the function must be seen in the light of its capability to augment the firm in its quest towards rapid growth and sustainability.

Scaling Customer Success

How To Scale Customer Success

Software as a Service (SaaS) has become one of the most critical models of software deployment within firms. As per the Boston Consulting Group, SaaS represented about 28% of the total enterprise software market and that number is expected to reach 45% by 2023. With this tremendous pace of growth, there are added challenges posed within a SaaS firm to maintain their Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), retention cost and growth cost. In order to optimize all of these, its imperative to scale operations and Customer Success as a function plays an important role in meeting these cost objectives. This article dived into the design principles and methodology on how the Customer Success has to scale to maintain the highest levels of customer engagement

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Product Management & Customer Success – The New Value Creation Team​

The age-old partnership between sales and marketing has always been a strategic priority for business since the age of enterprise. In the SaaS world, where product is the king, the close collaboration between product management and customer success management has rapidly garnered strategic priority. With product led sales and customer journey being seen as strategic levers for growth and competitive advantage, how these functions need to collaborate is a question on everyone’s minds

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Why Customer Success and Growth should NOT be two separate functions.

The advent of SaaS has propelled companies and their products into new heights. As companies scale, its absolutely important to make a decision on growth and acquisition. SaaS business models have from historic days segregated Customer Acquisition, Growth and Customer Success. The article dives into a simplistic framework where Growth and Success should be the prerogative of one singular function.

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The Customer Success Organisation: The SaaS Growth Engine

The Customer Success Organization is one of the newest functions is SaaS based companies. Historically, the age old version of Customer Support and Account Management were driving Customer Engagement across industries and product lines. While such models have been successful in the past and they continue to do so in some form today, they are …

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